We celebrate the darkness of winter, a magical moment of introspection and personal reflection.

The reflection of lights, mysterious minerals and planetary textures are the inspiration behind this collection.

Look up
at the sky

We ascend to a world ruled by planets. The presence of dark tones from previous seasons becomes more apparent and profound, creating a new, more mature way forward.

Dark, almost black, colours with a sophisticated and velvety texture take centre stage to create dreamlike environments.


Keep calm
and hold a crystal

Gemstones are the best expression of the soul, inward reflection and spirituality. Through stones such as agate, you can connect to something more transcendental. Their variety of tones, water features and natural, unpredictable finishes ensure they have a special place in our home.

The aurora borealis is reflected in our pieces with the iridescent effect that creates a hypnotic appeal revealing how its pastel colours work perfectly with metals

Light in

We think of designs that capture light and colours that hide in the darkest places to add an integral and sensory quality to indoor spaces.

A personal

There is an intimate version Christmas in which introspection is key to gaining a deeper knowledge of oneself.

your soul

Training our soul to empower us is as important as training our body. An interior cleansing that strips us of the burdens and stress accumulated during the year.