What’s the first thing you do as soon as your alarm goes off? In my case, the first thing is to snooze the alarm about 10 times...once he (yes, the alarm) has beaten me and my sleep, I turn on the radio while I go over the fifty thousand social networks and apps that I have on my iPhone. And, as I suspect that your morning rituals are similar to mine, today I’ll bring you 10 apps that every proud foodie should have on their phone.FOR FOODIES WHO LIKE TO COOK:apps-1COOKBOOTH For those who like to get inspiration and save their own innovative recipes, Cookbooth is a fantastic app. With it you can, for example, search for a specific food and find all the published recipes that use that food. You can save the recipes you like best and create your own in a visual format that includes step by step instructions with photographs. And, for the shyer among you: you can save your recipes in public or private mode. We’re sorry, but your grandmother’s recipe book has now passed into the annals of history. apps-7SUBSTITUTIONS Substitutions is a great app for finding the “perfect substitute” (if you’ll excuse the oxymoron) for each food. You want to make a cake and don’t have any sugar in the house? Easily search for substitutes. We’re sure you’ll find something in the pantry. I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but allergies are the illness of the 21st century. We’re becoming more and more affected by allergies and intolerances of all types and this is where apps such as Substitutions come in. The app has specific sections for people with allergies and intolerances. And it’s not only ideal for allergy sufferers, but also for all of the vegans, vegetarians and those who have any other type of special diet. We’re sure you’ll find new ideas for substitutes to foods that you’ve eliminated from your diet. DELICIOUSLY ELLA It started out as a blog, then became a book, then an app. That’s Deliciously Ella. A success story that every foodie should know. Ella gives us delicious, healthy and nutritious recipes. What’s more, it’s visually stunning. FOR WINE LOVERS: VIVINO For wine lovers, for those who like wine but aren’t experts, for those who want to organise a dinner party but don’t know what wine to buy (you know, to pair it properly with the food and such...), get VIVINO. You just have to open the app, take a photo of the label and straight away a note from other users will appear, as well as the average price in shops and, importantly, which dishes it goes well with. Fantastic, right? FOR THOSE WHO SHOP IN THE SUPERMARKET AND CARE ABOUT QUALITY: ABOUIT This app (Spanish, by the way) helps us to consume in a responsible way that respects the environment, the social impact and, above all, preserves our health. Both via the app and on the website, you can search for 15,000 products and discover what score they have. What’s more, the app gives us the option to scan the bar code and...voilà! We’ll get the score of the product that we have in our hands. The score goes from 0 to 10 and comes from an evaluation of the 3 aspects that we mentioned above: health + environmental impact + social impact. Want to try it? Find it here: https://www.abouit.eu/home. FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO BOOK WITH DISCOUNTS IN TOP RESTAURANTS: MACARFI PREMIUM For those of you who don’t know Macarfi, it’s a gastronomic guide with a very practical format and a lot of references to the city of Barcelona. The premium version of the app allows you to book unimaginable restaurants with the option of a closed or open menu with the odd complimentary dish. You get all of this with your yearly subscription fee. With this app we’ve already tried: Céleri, La Taverna del Clínic, Estimar and Via Veneto. In all of them we received some benefit or other. With just these 4 we’ve more than covered the yearly fee. FOR FOODIES THAT ALSO LIKE TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES: A bit/a lot of sport is essential for a healthy lifestyle, above all if we’re used to eating out a lot...ahem, ahem. In this respect, we propose 2 apps that allow you to design personalised training programmes according to your goals, weight, age etc. These are Nike Training and 8Fit. An aspect that seems very useful to me, is that you can configure them to offer you training with or without material, so that you can do it at home and have no excuses. What’s more, with 8Fit you can have a nutritional assessment and design weekly menus. The price? Both are free, though with 8Fit you need to pay to increase the benefits that you receive. FOR THOSE OF US WHO DREAM OF ESTHETICALLY PERFECT DISHES: INSTAGRAM I have little (negative) to say about this app, the app that the whole world is using and that’s turned us all into photographers, trendsetters and #idontknowhowmanythousandotherthings. Ah yes, and the one that created the habit of writing with hashtags. Or was that Twitter? In short, photography lovers can find real wonders. My favourite instagrammers/foodies? Beth Kirby from @local_milk and Nora Eisermann @Laura Muthesius from @_foodstories_. PINTEREST Pinterest is the social network par excellence for visual inspiration. When you want to decorate the table for the dinner party that you’re throwing, when you don’t know how to place the waffles so that they look perfect, how to make a healthy pancake recipe without forgoing aesthetics... Pinterest is there, it won’t let you down.  I assure you, you can find anything on Pinterest. It has a super easy search bar where you can type key words. Tip: many of the posts are in English so, for better success when searching, we recommend that you type the words in English. What’s more, you can create walls and groups where you can save your inspiration and organise it by category. These walls can be public or private.
9 Jul 2020, 7:44 p.m.