You would love to make the most of these days at home and organize that pile of objects that has been cluttering around without even notice. Here you’ll find 10 tricks to get it all under control and assure that it stays in place.

1. Find inspiration

It’s hard to know what to start with and, even harder, to find the will power to get to it. Our secret? Read this Magazine and, if that’s not enough, open Pinterest and search “Organization” and the name of each room that you would like to organize. External inspiration is key to find the energy that will make you get up from your cozy sofa and find creative solutions to your problems. Once you get started, you’ll be invincible!  

2. Declutter to get everything in place

3, 2, 1... Go! This step is basic for the following ones. Get everything in piles and divide it on what you want to keep in that place, redistribute, donate or throw away. Once you get to organize everything, try to follow the “less is more” rule. At first, you may feel that the room is empty, but that’s our aim. A good trick is to imagine how a stranger would look at the spaces if he entered them for the first time.  

3. Your hallway, the first impression

The entryway of your home is the first place that your guests see, so it is crucial to have it impeccable. But, how can you make it also functional, to keep your keys, shoes, coats, dog leashes...? The essentials are an original console table, like the Duilia, to leave your keys and a hallway mirror to brighten up the space, the Raintree collection will be a perfect fit, from here you can include decoration to make it feel more welcoming, coat racks or hangers, shoe racks and even a bench like Carabel where you can put your shoes on or to keep your guest’s coats, it depends if you have a big hallway or a small hallway. If there’s a place for everything, everything will be in place. It’s as easy as it sounds!

4. The living room, relax zone

Storage, storage and storage. Having functional, well made and unique furniture and décor is better than having a treasure. Baskets are our organization musts to keep blankets, cables, toys... in a discrete way, for example, the Mast set is perfect for every corner. Or, classics that will always be crucial, TV stands, like Uxia, bookshelves or magazine racks. It doesn’t matter if you have a small living room, a minimal living room or a modern living room, these tips are for any space.

5. Dining room, minimalism is key

Your dining room should always be a clutter free space, very minimal, to assure that everything is always on its place. The Argo tables are one of our favourites for their straight and clean lines, they look amazing with the Quinby colourful chairs to add a personal touch.

6. A tidy and clean kitchen

The kitchen is one of the hardest spots. One of our favourite organization tips is to arrange your ingredients and tools in sections by usage and separate them with dividers in your cabinets and drawers, this will allow you to find everything very easily and to help putting it back in place. Keep your essentials located with our Yanila utensil holder and bowls.

7. Functional bedroom

You get in and out of bed, dress up and down every day, it’s more than normal to create a little chaos. Asking you to make your bed daily is a cliché that you may have heard more than a thousand times, this is the thousand and one time. If interior décor is not your forte, we suggest you get solid colour bed sheets, to make it look like everything is tidier. The bedside tables, like Shami, with a lamp and a personal touch will be more than perfect.

8. The wardrobe, the great enemy

Let’s move on to clothes, topic at which we could dedicate a whole book. Having closed closets, chests of drawers or shoe racks is pure gold, getting in the Marie Kondo mood every now and then is key. Are you short in space? You need a storage bed like Matter in your life, thank us later.

9. Your office, your temple

Your workspace must be like a sanctuary, where you can easily chill out, feel comfortable and surrounded by objects that make you feel good, read more about its importance in our blog about working from home. You’ll see that decluttering here is essential to boost your concentration. Try printing as less documents as you can, to make organization easier and to care for the environment. Desks with drawers like Jacques, are a plus to keep all your essentials in place and always near, if you are in need for more storage, you can always add some sideboards, side tables, bookcases and shelves.

10. Celebrate tidiness

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, contemplate your work of art, enjoy the pleasure of having everything in place and open all your windows to let fresh air in, air out the space.

9 Jul 2020, 11 p.m.