Photos can take us to a specific space and moment in time. That´s one of the reasons we like them so much and we present them in at our homes. But, the composition of photos in combination with your other decoration is important to integrate everything into your interior. Modern Blocks, an online gallery of accessible art photos, gives us some ideas on how to integrate photos into your interior. In this article, Modern Blocks gives you 4 ideas on how to decorate your home with artistic photos. interior-decoration-styling-1

On the wall

This is the most common way to enjoy photographic art. The key here is to place the photos at a good distance from a piece of furniture, an armchair or a side table, for example. A large photo of 80x120 cm on a console or a smaller one near an armchair in a reading corner will create elegant settings that will enhance your furniture. interior-decoration-styling-2


Photos aligned in the same space still work very well. This allows you to combine several images of the same theme or artist without limitations. In pairs or in series, this is an original way of exhibiting your artistic photographs. It does not require a large space, so small photos also work very well. The photographs placed side by side are ideal to decorate a corridor and obtain the aesthetic effect of an art gallery. interior-decoration-styling-3


The idea is to create your composition with several art photographs. With a frame or directly on aluminium or plexi or mixing a bit of everything. You will have an art exhibition at home! This method makes it possible to make compositions also with small photos for smaller furniture, for example. It is also perfect for dressing empty walls that are big or with very high ceilings. It is important to leave  little space between the photos to create harmony in the composition. Ideally, about 5 cm. interior-decoration-styling-4


Undoubtedly, the most modern and our favorite way, is placing the photographs on a surface. On a piece of furniture, a bookcase or directly on the floor. This type of composition is very flexible. You can move the photographs whenever you want and without having to make great efforts.   You will find more ideas about contemporary photography in the Modern Blocks Instagram account: @_modernblocks_ Original text: Modern Blocks Translation and interpretation: Kiki van Lohuizen
9 Jul 2020, 7:56 p.m.