Cushions have the ability to transform a space in the blink of an eye. It’s therefore important to know how to decorate with them to get magazine-worthy interiors, but also to make over your house without the need for big changes. Want to know how to do it?cojines-2-1024x767 Whether you want to give new life to a space in your home, you want to adapt it to the colours of spring, or transform it from top to bottom, follow these tips and become an expert at decorating with cushions. cojines-1-1024x767


If you’re going to decorate your sofa with cushions and you like large ones, the basic rule is to put one cushion more than the number of spaces that the sofa has. So, for a 2-person sofa, put 3 large cushions. If you prefer small ones, you can use more, but bare in mind to stop before the sofa becomes uncomfortable. In other words, if there are so many that they practically don’t fit on the sofa, you have a problem with quantity. And remember, it’s better to have a few, well-chosen cushions, than many placed any which way. 5-claves-para-decorar-con-cojines-6-1024x780


And a lot. As you’ll have read in the previous point, the number of cushions that you can place on a sofa or a bed varies according to their size. But, depending on how big the sofa or bed in question is, the size of the cushions also varies. The average size for a 3-person sofa is 50x50 cm, though this doesn’t mean you can’t use different sizes. cojines-3-1024x767


The ideal is to mix cushions of different shapes and play with sizes to achieve dynamism in the decoration. You can opt for the more classic shapes, like square or rectangle, but there are also more original options, such as round. Don’t restrict yourself, try all the necessary combinations until you’re happy with the result. A recommendation? Place the smallest ones in front and the big ones behind, creating a sense of depth. 5-claves-para-decorar-con-cojines-1-1024x780


There’s an infinite number of prints for cushions, nearly one to suit every taste. The trick for mixing various prints, such as stripes, flowers and spots, together with plain cushions involves nothing more than finding designs that have a colour in common. So, although the prints may be very different, the colour will bring them together and give life to the arrangement without being garish. We recommend that you choose one dominant colour, maximum two, and that all the cushions should contain or complement these colours. cojines-4-1024x767


There’s a very simple trick to making your cushions look more plumped up. If you give them a little hit at the top centre, you’ll see that the corners will lift up slightly, in the form of a V. In this way, your arrangement will look more natural. Now that the good weather’s here, it’s time to rejuvenate your textiles. And, without a doubt, cushions will be a big help. How about you? Do you use any of these tips or any others when you’re decorating with cushions?
9 Jul 2020, 7:36 p.m.