Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get swept away by our love of cinema. Will you be alone or with company? It’s up to you! If your Tinder is smoking. Match! And if not, Netflix and a good sushi platter are always good companions for a perfect night in.temporada-interiorismo-decoracion-natural-cama-sofa-diseño

And we have the perfect plan for you, on your own or with company, so all you have to do is let yourself go and enjoy the pleasure. The pleasure, for example, of running your hand over velvet or feeling how your mattress moulds perfectly to your body. Assume your favourite position and enjoy our suggestions.



Non-conformists are no longer misunderstood. If you make your own rules and stick by your own style, you’ll love The Royal Tenenbaums: a family of geniuses with loads of family drama to resolve. Director Wes Anderson, a hipster god, put together a stellar cast for this crazy film, including Bill Murray, Gene Hackman and, of course, Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. Kick off your shoes and let yourself get sucked in by this gem available on Netflix. With our selection of metal, wood and cement pieces, and a touch of colour, you won’t need a home cinema to feel like you’re living it.



Romanticism is alive and kicking. And the proof is in the success of La La Land. Love in all of its facets. Love of jazz, dreams to achieve, the heartbreak of a lost romance... A film for those who believe, although it’s sometimes hard to see, that everything happens for a reason. Yes, for those who believe in a happy ending, against all odds. Get comfortable, hug your pillow and feel your senses tingle at every scene, tucked up in an elegant, refined setting. Let soft fabrics, like velvet, win you over.



No film is more true to life than Under the Tuscan Sun.  Rebuilding your life, launching new projects, getting away from it all... The simplicity of this film makes it easy to identify with the real idea of human relationships. Things that come to an end, others that are just getting started. Relax, let yourself go and enjoy a warm, charming space, whether or not you share it, without prejudice. Immerse yourself in nature with pieces made of jute and rattan, plus a plant in every corner. Love is green!

9 Jul 2020, 8 p.m.