A centre point for chats, meals with friends, long after-dinner conversations… and everything that happens around a table. If you’re a “the more the merrier!" kind of person, you’re sure to love our extendible tables. Get ready! You may find this information useful.


Space problems?

We know; it’s tricky to have it all ways. We normally don’t have enough space for the table we want. Extendible tables are here to stay, and we’ve got more and more for you. Today I am proposing three different models. Find your perfect match!


Milian Table

Elegant with fine lines. If you are a lover of modern Scandi style, this is a great choice for you! Ideal for special lunches and dinners, your guests will be truly amazed. Not enough? We make it easy for you. Get the complete look with the Milian collection chairs, made in the same ash finish as the table. With upholstered backs, you won't want to get up. Another G&T please! Oops! If your celebrations and meals stretch out to infinity, you’ll know why.


Oqui Table 

From black to white. In keeping with the minimalist Scandi style, we present the Oqui table. For smaller gatherings, it is a perfect option. Its oval shape promotes communication and its rounded edges soften its appearance. I know what you're thinking… Don't worry, we think of everything. The lucky one who sits at the head of the table will have the same space and will be just as comfortable as the rest of the guests.


Novac Table 

Don't get caught by surprise. The Novac table will steal the show at small and large gatherings. Get ready for your visitors. This table can be fully extended to 320cm, so you don’t have to take no for an answer. With a natural oak finish veneer table top, it will bring a fresh and natural look and feel to your home. Combine it with chairs from the Canele collection if you want to bring summer into your dining room. They are also made from natural oak with matt black painted metal frames, the same as the table.

We know how much you like extendible tables, and you are sure to find one that suits your tastes, your space and your social life.

9 Jul 2020, 10:20 p.m.