Irene Colzi has been creating web content for 9 years, first as a blogger, then as an influencer and youtuber. Passionate about fashion, on purchasing her latest house, she discovered her love for interior decoration and design, and she loves to hunt for that special something that makes her house unique, welcoming and functional.   1  

We know that part of the furniture serves to adorn what you have called the creative area. What led you to choose this furniture rather than any other?

For my creative area, i.e. the area of my house I use for creating content and the area dedicated to my home office space, I decided to choose a style consistent with the one I chose for the rest of the house, an industrial chic style with splashes of pop colour.


How important is the choice of these colours?

The decor of the creative area is made unique by two splashes of bright colour: the mustard for the armchair and the blue for the sofa. They are perfect for relaxing or working comfortably with the laptop. Finally, I chose to illuminate my creative space with two free-standing lamps: my favourite, the one in an industrial style and the second one, small, geometric, to be placed on the floor or on a piece of furniture.



Finally, what guided your choices for the other areas of the house?

I chose a round double bookcase, round being a shape found all over my house. The industrial style of the dark colours and wood perfectly matches the themes chosen. Staying with the idea of roundness, I chose two small black tables with glass top, which have that elegant touch that goes perfectly with the industrial chic style.

9 Jul 2020, 10:08 p.m.