Goodbye summer! The days of staying home, enjoying the sofa and reuniting with Netflix have arrived. Alone or in good company, will be a good plan. Home, sweet home. And as they say, the best thing about returning to your routine is returning home. Welcome! How about taking advantage of your return by changing its look? Saturday night, after watching a film, with popcorn and sweets still in your stomach, do I have to go home now? What a bummer! Have a sofa bed so your friends can stay over and keep the party going. We make it easy with the Lyanna sofa bed. With a polyurethane and 100% natural cotton fabric mattress you can sleep right through. It’s practical and simple to fold up, and you can also choose the colour you like the most: white, beige, blue, grey, green or brown. It’s also available in 140 cm, as you prefer. Of course, you want to snuggle up and keep warm with the velvet on the Debra sofa! The difficult part is deciding among all the colours: pink, ochre, turquoise, grey, blue and taupe. And with its tufted padding and visible stitching, they all look great! In addition, you can complement it with a matching pouffe. And don’t worry if you stain the velvet. You’ll easily be able to take it to the dry cleaners, since it’s quick and easy to remove.

The perfect accessory for those afternoons with endless naps are the Ronne, Rosanna and Roland blankets. Their fur texture makes you so comfortable that it will even be difficult going to the bathroom. Moreover, if you want to have a total match, you also have the matching cushion covers. It’s very important for your eyes to have a light on while watching the TV. Soft lighting is enough for our sight. This is why we recommend the Oralie floor lamp: with a white shade, it transmits the ideal light for a good ambience. And now we are ready for more series. Now you know, start making plans and enjoying a pyjama party with your friends, thanks to Kave Home furniture. They won’t want to leave.

26 May 2020, 9:16 p.m.