The designers on the Kave Home team have branched out into the world of cushions. They have created unique pieces with most cutting-edge patterns. Do you want to know what they’ve come up with? Who were their muses? In this post we’ll show you some of their designs and where they drew their inspiration from.


Some people say that animal print has had its ups and downs, but it’s actually always been in fashion. From the 1920s until now, these patters have always been a symbol of rebellion and sophistication. That’s why it’s clear that it’s always been a staple in the wardrobes of divas such as Elizabeth Taylor, Lady Gaga and Madonna. If you want your house to have a wild feel to it, the best choice is to get a bit of leopard print. A classic that claws for your attention.


The 1980s were a watershed moment. Art at its peak expression. Music, fashion and cinema expressing themselves with shapes and colours. The world of pop has  always been there, one way or another. Take a look at the Sabin cushion. With a pattern made up of different shapes and colours, it fits well into a cheerful space, where you might want to hold some sort of goings-on.


But today we want to talk green. By this we mean the (d)eco trend. We’re authentic and we want our surroundings to be authentic too. Natural fibres, raw materials and recyclable pieces are important to us. That’s why materials such as rattan and jute are being seen more and more in interior design. But if you also want to add a colourful flare, place a cushion with a tropical print on your outdoor pieces. Think greenly.

9 Jul 2020, 8:01 p.m.