Now is the time, and it is in our hands to make small or large changes to our lives. The planet is crying out for our help. Today we want to share some of our decor products, with which you can do your part to help the planet; of course, always with a lot of style.

Make the move to sustainable packaging 

Glass, aluminium can, cardboard, plastic... When in doubt, always choose glass. A material that is found in a lot of places. There an infinite number of options for recycling this material, but we wanted to give it a unique touch, so be surprised.

The Bingham vase

The glass in the Bingham vase has been treated and recycled from the green container and the result is pure design. It's made using the glassblowing technique, and do you know how? By injecting air into the piece through a metal tube. Finally, it’s dyed blue and gold and voilà, the result is a unique and sustainable piece.

The Nile pot

A nice and organized pantry is what you need. If you are one of those people who likes to keep things in jars or has glass pots around the house, you will love our Nile collection. Make a change. The key to ecological shopping is avoiding a home full of plastic items, containers and bags. The Nile pot and jar will add a unique and original touch to your kitchen. Did you know... plastic bags take more than 150 years to decompose and plastic bottles up to 450 years! Think greenly and generate less waste.

Love our planet

This planet doesn’t need plastic bottles! So many soft drinks are contained in single-use bottles and we all know the huge environmental problems they cause. Our designers have found a super original way to give this material a second life.


Yes, many of our rugs are made of recycled material and would you believe it, plastic bottles! Each one is made from 550 bottles. Greens, oranges, blues, you’re sure to find the model that fits with your (d)eco. Also, PET is resistant to cold, heat and humidity. You can use it in your outdoor spaces all year round.

Any excuse is good for revamping your home and even more so if it’s with sustainable pieces.

9 Jul 2020, 10:20 p.m.