Chloé Sucrée (@beingbiotiful) is the founder of the healthy food blog Being Biotiful and an entrepreneur mum that has taken over the healthy food world. One of her dreams was to have her own space to create her best recipes all made with 100% seasonal and vegetarian ingredients. This is how Le Biotiful Post was born, a beautiful place to let her creativity flow, where decoration is in the spotlight. Let’s get in! Le Biotiful Pot was created a year ago, when Chloé met Katie, her friend and colleague in this amazing project, from the moment they met it was clear that their objective was to have a space to cook and share their recipes and ideas with the city. They define their style as minimal, cozy and practical. So, using sustainable, natural and noble materials in their decoration is as essential as it is to cook with high-quality, organic and seasonal food.  

Their favourite materials: marble, wood and concrete

The Aya solid wood seving board is their kitchen’s must. It is a unique piece, made with acacia wood and following traditional techniques, so each of our Aya boards is different and exclusive. To Chloé and Katie, it is essential to have a well-made table to chop, mince and showcase their plates. Details are key to serve their meals as they deserve. Marble is the material they choose to decorate the table. The Callahan set of bowls or the Bradney coasters are two of their favourites, as they are elegant and create a top look for the table setting. Now let’s get to prepare the salads and meals, the Yanila set of spoon and fork will be the perfect ally. Both made with acacia wood, with a beautiful look that will make you use any excuse to put them to work. You may think that setting the table with style is difficult, but with this collection of bowls, plates and cutlery it will get so easy. Take note, this is our secret: to decorate your table choose pastel colours, intense ones are going to take the spotlight from your food. Chloé and Katie choose calming colours. The Zain green bowl is 100% ceramic made and has an irregular design, it’s handcrafted so every one of your Zain bowls will be exclusive. Mint green is a perfect colour to match with white and natural products, so they couldn’t have picked a better piece. Furniture will be crucial to create the atmosphere you want, there’s nothing better than feeling comfortable when enjoying good food. For Le Biotiful Pot wood furniture and light colours are key. The Nolite stool has a minimal design and a rounded shape. The mustard-yellow upholstering gives it a personal touch. This is the perfect example of the “less is more” rule. The mix and match of the Tressia chairs, made of rubber solid wood, and the Nina chairs complement the table with a relaxed look, the perfect match for this space. When Chloé saw the Nina chair she knew for sure that it was going to be a key piece in Le Biotiful Pot, it’s one of her top pieces. If you love the décor and furniture of this project, here you’ll find the whole selection of pieces to get inspired and make your kitchen and dining room look like a trendy restaurant.
9 Jul 2020, 11:02 p.m.