Little by little the days are getting shorter and without realizing it, we are more immersed in our daily routine. It's hard to get the summer mood out of our heads, but it's time for changes. So happily open doors to the golden season because you’ll be the first to discover the colours that will be worn this autumn. Take note if you want to be successful.


From pineapple to corduroy and velvet

Putting away your cushions with colourful prints, pineapples, toucans and flamingos is the first step. Don’t worry, we have the solution so that your sofa will still maintain the style that characterizes you and with the colour that your home needs: Turquoise. Are you not surprised? The truth is that neither am I, it has long been my favourite colour. Especially if I find it in fabrics with as much character as velvet, such as in the Lita cushion cover. But, our designers have gone even further.  Get out of your comfort zone with the turquoise corduroy Anuka cushion and combine it with earthy and gold colours. Now that looks really cool!


Purple flowers

We’ve always liked flowers. And if we mix them with the purple it could only result in a print that is in fashion in interior design these days. The Beattie table lamp is an alternative designer piece that fits into any space. We also have the ceiling lamp for a complete match.


Leather and wood to fight the cold

Saying goodbye to the sun and good weather has never been so easy. The next colour is mustard. We love it and even more so if it is sustainable. Add the Bonnie rug to your shopping cart. Follow the shaggy fashion style, with randomly distributed leather strips, creating a modern and casual look.

With the Meghan armchair, with solid wood arms of natural ash, you get a relaxed style. You can combine it with the Bonnie rug and the Daniza cushion. Let autumn shine through. The pattern of this cushion will awaken all your senses. The texture is reticent of moss and forms different reliefs without any loss in comfort. Connecting with nature in your living room is possible.


Soft colours

Light and timeless tones are the perfect option to create relaxing and bright environments, which are fashionable of couse. They combine perfectly with natural materials and handmade designs. Today’s fashionable pastel colours are pink, blue and mint green. We offer you the pink Nahali cushion, the blue Dadal vase or the green Anteia candle holder.


Autumn colours are becoming very popular. Now is your chance to get the most fashionable pieces and renovate the decor in your home.

26 May 2020, 9:15 p.m.