Who are we kidding? Everyone loves bright colours, right? They give us energy and joy, everything we need to survive the daily grind. The problem is that we often lack the courage to make the leap into the world of colour. Never fear. Kave Home is here with ideas to suit all tastes.



For the more adventurous

Shall we go all out? Filling your dining room with colour has never been easier. The Meghan sofa, in turquoise velvet, will add personality and elegance to your living room. Combine turquoise with white, grey and neutral colours for a sure-fire hit. A contrast that will surprise you. Go for it!


Another colour that is bang on trend is mustard. It brings a cool, bright and stylish touch to your home. Combine it with earthy tones such as brown or beige for maximum elegance. If your living room has plenty of natural light, this sofa will go beautifully. Add a few Hast cushions into the mix. They complement each other really well.


To bring colour into your home, you can also opt for chairs. The Runnie collection has eight colours to choose from. They are a 'must have’ for any room you wish to exude elegance and originality. Surround your table with glamour, or place a couple of them in just the right spot. Their gold metal structure seen behind the backrest makes this a unique design.


For the more reserved

If you’re not quite bold enough for these proposals, we have a few other ideas for you.

How about a green rug? Great. Let’s get started on the details. It will bring colour into any space and can be easily combined with neutral tones.  It’s easy to create a first class ambience. Green has countless options. Plants, pictures and cushions are the perfect way to add colour and joy.


Worried you will tire of the colours you choose? Opt for cushions and beanbags, which you can put away or move depending on your mood or situation. They are very versatile. The Saht pouffe, which we know is one of your favourites, will bring plenty of life to any corner. It can also be combined with the Doc rug for a perfect match.

If you are looking for a pouffe that gives you plenty of options, Bimba Beige will be love at first sight. It goes beautifully with blue, mustard and turquoise objets. If you want to go for a safe bet, choose the entire Bimba collection and stick to the same shade.

You’ll live happily ever after with your bright colours. Fill your home with colour and see how it lifts your mood.
9 Jul 2020, 10:23 p.m.