Of all the shades in our palette, nothing beats white for creating a sense of light and space. We love the way it goes with everything and suits any style so have come up with a whole range of decorating tricks to add pzazz to your all-white kitchen. Let’s go!

Colourful furniture to add contrast

We’re big fans of furniture that adds a pop of colour to a white space.

The Minna chair adds a touch of mustard to this white kitchen with light wooden furniture. If you’re aiming for a clean, sophisticated look, this is a great addition.

White and wood

As well as looking fantastic, wood brings warmth to white rooms. Try to match wood with accessories in similar tones to give your kitchen a charming rustic look. One excellent example of this is the kitchen of @homebymarie. We love the dark shade of turquoise she chose for the furniture and how the Janette table and Tressia chair have been integrated into the space.

A dining table with presence

The type and design of the table is crucial in a white kitchen-dining room. Whether it’s small or large, make sure its colour or design give it personality. How about the Argo table for creating a disruptive effect?


Sit in style

Be bold and choose chairs with different designs, textures and colours, and combine them with a neutral dining table. Our Yaren chairs will elevate your kitchen’s look and bring it right up to date.

Accessories: a must-have in a kitchen with personality

Decorate an all-white kitchen the easy way by keeping wooden chopping boards on show. As well as being practical and durable, they complement your décor and come in hundreds of different styles.

18 Jan 2021, 10:17 p.m.