Everyone likes it and this summer’s looks are saturated in its tones. It evokes strolls along the beach with cloudless skies... The combination of blue and white transmits freshness and a sensation of calm and serenity. We’ll explain to you how to decorate in blue and white so that your home evokes these same characteristics.Foto6-1024x767


Adding touches of blue to a home decorated in whites will break up the neutral tones and add a dose of colour that will undoubtedly be well received. The coexistence of blue and white relaxes the mind and connects us with our more intuitive self, forming an unbeatable duo for decorating all types of spaces. And you don’t have to choose just navy or marine, nor do you need a house near the coast to enjoy the benefits of pairing blue and white.



Blue and white enhance a space’s brightness and light. That’s why it’s the star combination of the summer and the most suitable for small spaces. In this way, we can make a space look bigger without limiting ourselves to shades of white.



Not all blues affect decoration in the same way. The deeper, more intense tones, such as indigo or petrol blue, add an enigmatic yet sophisticated element. But make sure you don’t overuse them. An excess of dark blue feels depressing and... we don’t want that, right?



There are those who say that blue relaxes us because it emulates the colours of the ocean. We don’t know if that’s the reason, but we do know that this colour is related to lower blood pressure and better sleep. The bedroom is therefore the perfect candidate to be decorated in blue and white. You could opt to paint the walls blue and decorate the rest of the room in white. Or, on the contrary, combine these two colours in bed linens, furniture and even walls. The most used pattern is stripes, but let your imagination run wild and dare to try out on-trend prints, such as geometric shapes or terrazzo style.



As we said before, it depends on the shade of blue you choose, but in general blue induces feelings of vitality. And vitality rejuvenates anything, including your home!

9 Jul 2020, 7:39 p.m.