Enjoying a bit of peace outdoors is within our reach, even from our own home. Sometimes we overlook spaces in our homes because we are used to seeing them in a certain way. We just need to take a little care to transform them into something better. I'm talking about those small terraces that many of us have and that end up just used for storage.



Step #1: Clear it

Remove all the useless and unused things from your terrace. Maybe you can give them to someone who can reuse or recycle them. Find another place for the rest of the things you want to keep. Maybe it's time to rearrange some of the other rooms in your home. Remember that there are a lot of people out there who are not lucky enough to have a terrace and still find room to store all their things. Your terrace is not a wardrobe, it is a treasure: let's give it the value it deserves.


Step #2: Furnish it

What would you like to do in your little oasis? Have breakfast? Read? Is it going to be a corner just for you or do you want to be able to host other people? You’ll need to choose the type of furniture depending on what you want to do, and what the space allows you to do. I'll give you two different examples of how you can furnish it:


Chill Out Corner

If you want to turn your terrace into your Zen corner, where you can slouch at the end of the day and enjoy a relaxing moment on your own or listening to your favourite music, the best option is a lounger. My favourite is the Zabel lounger, it reminds me of a wing chair, but in a modern version made of wicker. A similar but more versatile option is the same model but in its armchair chair version with footrest. The good thing about the footrest is that it can be used as a side table if necessary.


Party Time

It is possible to have a small terrace without sacrificing having people over. With the Gustave set you can get up to 4 people around the table. When you want to clear the space you just have to fold the chairs and the table, which becomes a small console.


For really small spaces I would use a couple of bistro-style chairs and table, like the Ambition chair and the Alrick table. Surprise your partner with a candle and a couple of glasses of wine. Small spaces are ideal for private moments.


Step #3: Decorate it

Plants, plants, plants. Every space needs life, and even more so being an outside space. Raise the plants off the ground and make them look much bigger without taking up more space using these pots with feet. Combine two or three Merida pots and create an interesting composition with different heights. Finally, give it a final touch to add a little colour and joy. The Sandie cushion makes me want to pour myself a smoothie and enjoy the sun right now. The sun, the breeze and nice things... who said this was a place to hang the washing?

9 Jul 2020, 10:17 p.m.