Comfort, peace of mind and, ideally, a bedroom that reflects your tastes and personality. Tear up the rule book and forget decorating conventions to give your own bedroom a wow-factor designer makeover. Let’s get started!


Colour schemes for double bedrooms

The golden rule here is to avoid brash colours because they simply don’t achieve our goal of creating an oasis of calm and relaxation. Go with neutral shades to add a sense of space and light or go for that classic option that never fails: a white bedroom, perfect for reflecting natural light. If you’re aiming for a warmer “cave” effect, darker neutrals are ideal. Have you thought about wallpaper for double bedrooms? This will add an original dimension that plain painted walls can’t offer. To get an idea, take a look at our Gea wallpaper.


How to choose your bedroom furniture

The bed is the focal point of the room and the piece of furniture you’ll use most. First and foremost, you’ll want to find a very comfortable and functional double bed, but we recommend one with personality, too, to draw attention and create an impact. Bear in mind that theheadboard and the wall behind it usually create the first impression. Upholstered headboards or those with original designs will add some individuality, which you can enhance by hanging pictures or mirrors on the wall above.

Bland bedside tables are a thing of the past with designer options such as Nalu, or why not choose a different one for each side? Try it out with side tables for bedrooms, because originality wins every time!


Lamps and plants, the key to a warm ambiance

A warm, cosy ambiance that invites you to relax and switch off the minute you walk into the room is largely dependent on the lighting you choose. We recommend warm, low-level lighting.

Create a similar effect in the daytime with plants, which play a key role in adding colour and dimension to the space. No matter if your double bedroom is small, modern or decorated in one style or another, stick to these golden rules and you’ll create your dream space.


Curtains, pictures and the latest trends in bedroom decoration

Take a deep breath in and out again. Now that you’ve got your bedroom essentials, you can slowly start to add details to your decoration. These include curtains in plain colours from floor to ceiling, which will give a greater sense of depth and make your double bedroom look bigger. Bed linen and pictures for double bedrooms are the key to defining your look.

This is where a whole range of decoration styles come into play, such as Scandi or rustic style, or creative layouts to achieve the perfect feng shui. The aim is to choose decorative elements and bedroom furniture that will make this your temple of relaxation and design.

Using your interiors to express your personality is very now, so be sure to give yourself free reign as you create a haven that’s all about you. Let your dreams run wild! Get even more ideas, tips and inspiration in our Magazines.

19 Oct 2021, 3:51 p.m.