Rhombus hanging from the ceiling, cushions stuffed with rectangle pattern or round shelves ... Geometric elements are a constantly growing trend. Surely you have noticed them many times in restaurants, hotels or shops. Now fashion has also invaded home decoration. Find out what role these elements play in the decoration.

Original lamps

They are elements associated with Nordic minimalism simple and of great elegance. A clear example is the Sausalito table lamp. An element that recalls the essential. Thanks to its mobile shade, you can direct the light wherever you want to. It also incorporates a pen holder to keep your indispensable desk items close at hand. The perfect partner exists.

Continuing with the table lamps, we have the pleasure of presenting the Vonne lamp. A combination of geometric shapes that makes an irresistible design. With a metal finish, you can choose it in black or green. It’s up to you!

The sphere-shaped screen is joined by magnetization to a round element in natural beech wood. In this way, you can direct the light wherever you want to. Choose well and you will spend long hours together and, as it is said, continued closeness generates affection.

Geometry outside

We go outside where the use of fabrics with geometric motifs is growing. The Addison carpet with white and grey rhombus is one of our favorites. You'll like to know that it is a good thermal insulator, so it will maintain the same temperature, regardless of the external conditions. And, above all, it is recyclable. Decorate your space with patterned cushions and bright colors. Dare and give yourself a chance and we will help you. With brown and grey mosaic prints, the Barry cushion follows one of the main design trends. You can match it perfectly with the ethnic print Bentzel cushion and with white and blue colour.

Shelves which are round, please

It is also possible to decorate your interior with geometric shapes; the Halie round shelf presents a super original design. It certainly doesn't leave you indifferent. Show your personality and your style. Its circular design and rectangular wooden shelves, whether you believe it or not, will bring order and stability to your living room. Because geometry is order and this element will arouse everyone's curiosity. Do you bet on it?

Geometry hanging from the ceiling

We appreciate lighting when it is decorative, functional and precise. The Stonaker ceiling lamp will illuminate any corner thanks to its original arms. It is carefully sprayed. The creation of unique atmospheres is achieved only with the perfect lamp and we have it! As you can see, the decoration with geometric figures has many options. Dare with the one that best suits you and your style.

9 Jul 2020, 10:17 p.m.