Fashion is art. At Kave Home we know this well and we don't just want to keep up with the trends–we want to set them ourselves. Below are some of our creations, which show that our passion for design also extends to fabric.


Houndstooth is always a popular print

Born in Scotland, this print has become popular around the world, and is now a fashion classic. Leading cities like Paris or New York catapulted this print to fame in the ‘70s and ‘80s, marking trends for an entire generation. Now it's back, and it's bigger than ever. We saw it in Yves Saint Laurent, thanks to the reinvention by Stefano Pilati. So how could we miss the chance to include it in our fabrics? We had to include a print like this in the Gamer armchair, one of the top selling designs by our brand.


Boho Chic is our bohemian

Bohemian meets street style. Getting the balance just right. They are already ahead of the curve in Paris, as shown by Poppy Field, a brand that brings back tassels and Navajo inspired touches to create a folky style. We have opened our doors to Boho Chic, dedicated an entire collection that mixes textures, prints and colours. It is called Kenelly and has a fabric made using the macramé technique, the craft of weaving and knotting thread together to create fabric. Vintage and the latest fashion come together in this unique selection.


Ethnic is trendy

Native cultures are being brought back through fashion. Valentino is bringing back geometric lines, in the shape of frenetic mountains, to create an eclectic new trend. This reinterpretation opens up endless possibilities to be adapted to each individual style. At Kave Home we have also made the most of this new trend to decorate cushions, baskets and carpets. We can tell you that it is a great option for decorating your home both inside and out.


Flower power all year round

Flowers are here to stay. Old school fabrics have moved to the world of fashion, creating pieces that evoke the romantic tapestries of the 19th century. What used to be a trend for European aristocracy has now been invaded by city lovers. Simone Rocha combines historical and cultural references to create looks that can be worn by women of any age. At Kave Home we don’t ever want our flowers to wilt, which is why this Gamer take pride of place in our home.

Fashion and décor. Décor and fashion. Two interchangeable disciplines in terms of passion for art and dedication to the creative world. Above all, a world where you can be yourself. As Chanel famously said, beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. We have already decided. And you?

9 Jul 2020, 10:12 p.m.