Creating a warm and cosy corner is necessary in order to be able to pass the hours in your dining room or living room this Christmas without feeling bad about yourself. Because surrounding yourself with friends, family or spending time on the sofa with a blanket and your partner is essential this time of year. Discover how to decorate your dining room step-by-step and get the velvet touch during the holidays.

Let’s start big: The Milian collection

The shelving and TV unit are two designer pieces that add elegance and a touch of chic to any room. The combination of ash black with golden details make all pieces in this collection very versatile and adaptable to the different seasons and times of the year, and in the case of winter... We love how they combine with the Christmas colours. We will show you how.

The details for these holidays

Warm blankets, the comfiest sofa, ambient lights, flowers, candles, decorative details... We have it all! And if these pieces combine gold with black or blue velvet, even better.

Put a couple of candles on the shelf to set the mood, we suggest the Eileen Set. Add a casual touch with the light green Brooky bowl and colour your shelves with the Ferwick vases or the Kimo collection. Remember that these decorative accessories can also be given as gifts to your family members this Christmas.


The sofa comes home for Christmas

Take advantage of this time of year to throw yourself into the most welcoming trend of all, velvet. And what is better than a velvet cushion? A sofa! Our top seller, the Debra sofa, is available in different colours. If you choose the Debra sofa in blue, we recommend the Imma cushions and pouf. Combine both and boast about having a collection with a print that is ideal with other blue, white and golden pieces.


Gold accessories at Christmas; yes please!

To achieve a Christmas atmosphere in your living room, don’t forget the accessories. The Danesa metal frame or original Watts mirrors will fill your walls with personality. Choose warm lighting and hang the Adiel ceiling lamp. Combine it with the golden Alessia wall clock for a safe bet.

Just relax and enjoy, your space is now ready to disconnect over this long winter. Remember, velvet and gold never fail, so that is why we have prepared this selection for you. Shhh, you will only find products for true velvet lovers.

9 Jul 2020, 10:30 p.m.