Changes of season are always a good time to renew and change your home. And in summer, which is a time of change and development, we are even keener to move around the furniture and decorate. Always with the same aim: to create a summery feel that fills the house with light and joy. Fresh bright colours will be our perfect partner. They go with almost any colour and in any space. Don’t you think? Come on in; let’s have a look around the house to see how we can use them.

The entrance hall

Come in. This area shows from the get-go that decorating in neutral tones is far from boring. And the Kenelly sideboard can help you. With a beige and black macramé pattern, it will fill your house with personality. If you’re feeling bold, put it in your hallway and it will steal the show. Hey! If you want to discover all the secrets about the most popular shades of colour used in the decor, don't get left out.

The lounge

Slip off your shoes and get comfy; let’s watch the latest series. Let’s head for the living room. With the beige Samsa sofa bed, upholstered in 100% natural cotton, you will bring a fresh airy look and feel to your rooms. One secret to creating a more uplifting look and not falling prey to monotony is to be bold with the details. Decorate the walls with a few pictures, or go bold with the Exist wall tapestry, which conveys the ideal sense of calm and naturalness for the summer. No worries; you’ll see that there are so many ideal accessories to bring personality into each home.

The dining room

Let's eat! White is a colour that creates a light and airy feel, and never goes out of fashion. The Zora table combines a white tabletop with wooden legs through its minimalist Scandinavian design. You can combine it with white chairs, such as the famous Trise chair, or add a splash of colour and opt for another model such as the Ralf chair with wooden legs.


Time to chill. It is no secret that we love spending the evening on the terrace enjoying the good weather. With the Durga sofa, there is room for everyone. Combine the Durga collection to create a relaxed cool atmosphere where you can kick back. Because it is made mainly from rattan and natural fibres, it can be easily combined with more vivid colours, such as dark green or blue.

And that concludes the tour! As you can see, neutral colours go anywhere in the house, creating the cool summery look and feel we all need. See you soon!

9 Jul 2020, 10:20 p.m.