Maybe you don´t know that the tradition of decorating a tree for Christmas does not come from the United States, but from a German legend of the 17th century. If you like nature, give a twist to the traditional tree and create your own tradition. We suggest some original ideas so that you can express your personality these holidays. Be yourself! navidad-interiorismo-decoracion-verde-estilo-diseño-natural-campana

Jingle bells

Decorative bells are often used for serving cheeses or pastas. Besides being practical, the glass domes are also very trendy and elegant. Because of that, we suggest to make this glass bell an accessory to protect a beautiful plant. Do you remember where the enchanted rose was kept in the movie Beauty and the Beast? You can also show off charm with this piece of fantasy. The bells of the Natural Vibes collection have a unique design, combining wood and glass, which will achieve that goal in a natural way. navidad-interiorismo-decoracion-verde-estilo-diseño-natural-marco

Natural shoot

Since we want your Christmas to be unforgettable, we do not want you to miss the essentials. Why not show your nature loving side with pride? Details like little flowers and twigs displayed in a delicate frame are the perfect proof that less, is more. Show your authenticity by giving a twist to the meaning of frames. Think outside of the box and turn this accessory into a piece to remember. In the In Vogue collection you will find a wide variety of frames that can fit any decoration of any room. It will be hard to choose! navidad-interiorismo-decoracion-verde-estilo-diseño-natural-terrario

Be cool, be green

When we talk about terrariums, we do not talk about just anything. This accessory has become one of the most popular pieces in the world of decoration. Nature and design collide to obtain the chicest result. Interiors, boutiques and trendy coffee shops know this and they show off their style with this beautiful element. How about changing the years while being on trend? Join the green club and decorate the walls of your home with this new aesthetic pillar. The Jungle collection offers all kinds of ingenious pieces to fit all different kinds of spaces. Find yours! navidad-interiorismo-decoracion-verde-estilo-diseño-natural-macetero

New plants

Any plant is worthy to be the main complement to your celebrations these holidays. You just have to take a look at the flora we have at home, the one that accompanies us throughout the year. Why not give it the attention it deserves? Dress up your plants making them shine like never before. Get rid of the old and boring pots that don´t enhance the beauty of the nature in your house and transform it into the protagonist. Take a look at our Glamorous collection and give your plants a stylish flowerpot for Christmas. Original text: Judit Navarro Translation and interpretation: Kiki van Lohuizen
9 Jul 2020, 7:59 p.m.