If you have a garden or terrace, you can create a relaxing space with an incredible design, giving space to a real outdoor lounge. How? Below, we’ll show you some of the latest our pieces of furniture, picked out especially for you.

The lounge for your terrace

To get the perfect mix between jungle style and design, you need to start by putting the perfect couple for outdoor spaces into this area: the Branzie sofa and armchair. A fantastic three-seater sofa and a majestic armchair with waterproof cushions which are essential for all terraces. Cord takes centre stage in both of these pieces, a fascinating hand-woven natural material that gives it a simple and modern feel.

In this jungle-style lounge we need green elements to go with the neutral tones of the Branzie models. The Zelena banana plant will give a very up-to-date touch and the Jeanie cushion provides a softness that’s perfect for getting a comfortable and cosy atmosphere.

Garden get-together

If we have open green spaces such as a terrace, we can take pleasure in larger furniture and different materials. In this case, we propose a great novelty here at Kave: the Burlington sofa.

It has an angular design and five seats so that you can enjoy amazing evenings under the stars and get the most out of your outdoor spaces. With a steel back and an amazing solid acacia wood structure that frames the seats, this model has rigorously designed materials for outdoor spaces. Design, functionality and style come together in one sofa. What more could you want?

Relax for one

Would you prefer a relaxing outdoor corner that’s just for you? Then Grignoon is the perfect choice. A wicker armchair on an acacia wood structure with an incredibly modern design that is ideal for people who want to enjoy a breath of fresh air even on a small balcony.

Finish off the decoration of your corner with a Merida plant pot made of cement and wood. Combine it with multiple Zelena artificial plants, which will give a Zen feel and are perfect for people who don’t have particularly green fingers, since you can enjoy internal well-being without having to push any species of plants to extinction.

All these tips will help you to get your outdoor spaces ready for when summer comes. With furniture like this, it won’t be a surprise when your guests turn “green” with envy!

9 Jul 2020, 10:11 p.m.