Sunny days, walks on the beach and summer parties is what we all want. Sounds good, right? The best time of the year when you can really unwind is here. Let’s welcome it in! Hi summer! Oh, and to top it off, don’t forget to put on Kave Home’s Spotify playlist during your pool party, it's the best. Inspiring, fun songs ideal for listening to during the day and to get up and boogie. Enjoy the summer!

Today is Yellow Day, the happiest day of the year, when finally the days are long and warm. You can really feel the holidays coming!

To enjoy the summer, you need the right material for your garden and terrace. If you are one of those who spend hours, minutes and seconds sunbathing, the Shann lounger is tremendously comfortable. It is resistant to UV rays thanks to its seat and back made of black polyester rope. And so you can spend more hours in the sun, it comes with a cushion included so the rope won’t leave a mark on you. Perfect to have next to your pool but make sure no one takes it from you. You can combine the Shann lounger with the rest of the collection for a complete look and so that your friends stay all summer in your home. Remember not to fall asleep, that summer is short. Lounger, Spotify and smoothies! Just enjoy.

After the gazpachos and light summer meals, you’ll want a nap in the shade with a good sofa that fits a few. There is room for everyone! It is the ideal time to have a rest so you can continue your day full of energy. Summer days are long but they pass quickly. Give your sofa a special dash of summer colour with the Brenthon, Maxime and Hast cushion covers. A mix of orange, yellow, blue and red, with tassels on the ends. Combine them for a complete look.

The Samantha armchair in mustard is a must for your terrace. It is braided by hand and specially treated so that the sun won’t damage it. Do you want it in another color? We have several! Black, dark grey and light grey so you can choose the one you like the most. I’m just saying that if you've spent several hours stretched out on the Shann lounger and you've got a tan, prepare the flashes to get your ideal photo. With your stunning tan and the mustard armchair, you won’t need any filters. Take note.

Decorate your outdoor spaces with the Merida pots to add a touch of green with your plants and achieve a cool summer ambience. Ideal for those afternoons on your terrace.

You already have the lounger, cushions and a good playlist, now just add the mojito. Let’s summer!

9 Jul 2020, 10:19 p.m.