Bringing together interior and exterior spaces has become a trend in the world of interior design and design in general.


“Combining matte black tones, more common to the most trending interior design with a rogue material such as terrazzo.” This is how Jordi Díaz, one of the designers at Kave Home, defines the Delano and Chery side tables, two of his creations. You can combine them with indoor and outdoor materials. Both play with geometric volumes (cones, spheres and cylinders) to create really attractive structures.


Jordi also tells us about the Sari table and stool set, a collection made out of cement: “They are made out of a neutral and timeless material and fit well into small spaces, such as a balcony or any corner of your house that you want to fill with charm. What’s more, the set doesn’t get hot like metal thanks to its colour and its stone-like composition.”



One of Jordi’s favourite pieces is the Nina stool, which is a great addition to the range of Nina chairs, thanks to the high-quality of its finishes in solid eucalyptus wood. With light tones and organic shapes, much like the “soft Scandinavian” trend, it will stand out even more if you throw in some colour with a tropical-print cushion.


Another essential element, according to Jordi, for our In&Out spaces are PET carpets, one of the top pieces that have recently arrived at Kave Home.

The PET used is a plastic derived from recycled plastic bottles. As well as being 100% sustainable, the pieces made with PET also have the advantage that you can leave them outside all year round. The Assouel carpet is made using 234 bottles.

These are just some examples that Jordi recommends and that are proof that outdoor spaces are also perfect for new trends and designs. Design is everywhere!

9 Jul 2020, 8:01 p.m.