Throw open the doors of your home to green. But today we are not talking about green furniture or walls, but rather about plants and the effects they can have on the different rooms in our home and, more importantly, on ourselves. Why wait for the weekend to go hiking in the mountains? For those of you who like feeling connected to nature, this post is for you. We are going to show you some ways to create green spaces in every corner.

Geraldine TV stand

Green & Relax

The living room is an area where we spend hours and hours. Because we all love kicking back on the sofa and relaxing. Did you know that plants help to create relaxed environments and reduce stress?  So let’s fill the living room with plants!

Narnia sofa brown fabric

It's time to relax! We know that the Lyrata is your favourite plant. Its size will fill your living room with life. Give it pride of place and complement the space with smaller plants. Our tip: Because it is artificial, you can place it in a natural basket to bring your house right up to date.


The Amazon in your bathroom

Plants in the bathroom, our favourite. We know that we tend to forget about the decor in this room, which is why we have brought out the Kuveni collection, and now we will help you to decorate this area. First tip, mirrors. In addition to bouncing light, we can play with their reflection. Put a plant in front of the mirror and you will see a major change. But there are even more benefits. They also absorb moisture and eliminate bacteria. Amazing, huh?! Not to mention the feeling of tranquillity they provide so you can recreate your very own spa.   ideas-verdes

Green Ideas

When it comes to plants, it's all good. Surround yourself with them and see how your creativity flows and your concentration increases. It is very important to have a plant in your study. You can go for smaller touches of green, such as the Portulacaceae or the Caryophyllaceae, two succulent plants that will bring a touch of colour and freshness. Or you can fill the space with plants, and even hang them from the ceiling thanks to the Fiore pot, or the Henrich pot made from natural fibre. To complete the look, go for the Yolanda chair or the rustic Tikal desk. The ideas will really flow.


Pure exoticism

Your dining room can also be green. Now’s the time to bring in a breath of fresh air. To complement your chosen plants, you will need some of our pots. The more discreet model, the Low set of 2 grey pots, will bring a touch of green, and you can position them however you want. They are very versatile and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. If you want to go big, we suggest the Loa cement pot, which will astonish you. Choose plants in your dining room. They will help to reduce the presence of dust, since they make the atmosphere less dry.

Still don't have plants in your home? Fill every corner with life and improve your mood. If you like the idea but find taking care of them hard work, discover our selection of faux plants.

9 Jul 2020, 10:23 p.m.