If you follow my blog you will already know that I love finding decoration bargains. I am always on the lookout for well-designed furniture at very good prices. And because of this I couldn’t miss out on Kave Days furniture. I am going to take advantage to change my dining room chairs, I will share my dilemmas in this post. I still haven’t decided!

Now I am going to tell you what you can do these days in order to get Kave Days bargains… Are you coming shopping?

White Bjorg Chair

The choice of this chair’s finishes is what most caught my attention. Its legs and seat are made of solid beach wood, while its backrest is made of polypropylene. I love the combination; it seems like the perfect chair to put at the head of a dining room table. And the best thing is the its price, don’t miss the opportunity to take it with a 60% discount, are you really going to think about it?

Extendable Diane Table

The Diane table is one of those extendable tables at a very good price; don’t miss the opportunity to buy it at a 60% discount, are you really going to think twice about it? How many times have you had to put two different tables together, or even divide your guests into two separate areas in the house because there isn’t space for everyone at you table? Enjoy cosy, candle-lit, unforgettable meals with the extendable Diane table. You can seat up to 8 diners and now it has a 45% discount.

Grey Ellen Chair

The next Kave Days furniture has bargains that you can’t miss. Like the grey colour Ellen chair, with its polyester backrest and seat that form part of the type of furniture you love having in your house. Everybody likes finding furniture with discounts, like the 45% the beautiful grey Ellen chair has.

Vasily Table Lamp

The marble disc and the gold brass arm of this table lamp are combined to give an air of elegance and a special charm to your room. Don’t miss the boat because it now has a 30% discount. Let yourself be captivated by this warm lamp and its beautiful design.

Push Shelving Unit

The delicate lines and the ivory colour of the wooden handle together with the metal bars, are combined to treat ourselves with the beautiful Push bookshelf. Make space in your living room to put this magnificent bookcase; you can’t say no when I tell you that it has a 30% discount.

Naisha Folding Screen

The Kave Days furniture comes with interesting decoration discounts; one of them is this mango wood folding screen combined with its colourful cotton threads. The patterns can’t be more original and eye-catching. The hinges give enough movement to the frames so you can use it as much as you like. Give you living room or bedroom an intimate and personal touch with this beautiful Nisha folding screen. Also, now you can buy it with a 30% discount.

Storm Lantern

Is there anything more adorable than enjoying candle-lit nights? The Strom lantern achieves an environment full of peace and spirituality. It is one of the best decoration bargains that you can find on Kave Days. Buy it with a 60% discount, both in a nickel or a copper finish.

Burano Glass Table

Simple and lightweight, this Burano glass table with a 10 mm thickness fits perfectly with an elegant, simple and cosy interior. Experience unforgettable afternoons with coffee and biscuits with the best company around this beautiful table that you can buy with a 15% discount.

Ralf Chair

Kave Days always surprise us with very practical chairs like the Ralf Chair. It is a chair that will give your home a Scandinavian touch. The comfort of this chair will surprise you; you can spend hours enjoying its beautiful and original design. Also, it has a 30% discount. Are you going to miss out?

Kevya Rocking Chair

This is one of those decoration bargains that you can’t let escape in Kave Days. The Kevya rocking chair has various possible finishes, but my favourite is the one with a padded seat and metal feet. Let yourself go with the smooth movement of its natural beech wood runners. So that you enjoy the most comfortable movements of your Kevya rocking chair. And with up to a 30% discount, you have surely found a corner in your house where you can put it.

9 Jul 2020, 10:16 p.m.