Music, sushi, cocktails, photo call, artists, designers, current influencers... And all this together at the new store in Madrid. Do you want to sneak into the coolest party? Prepare yourselves as we reveal the secrets of the #KaveParty.

On Thursday 24 October, the Madrid store become a real dance floor. The party started in style to the rhythm of the latest song by Rosalia, surrounded by the best furniture in the capital.

Among the guests, presenter Isabel Jiménez was one of the first to arrive and she could not resist the photo call that we had prepared next to the pink Blok corduroy sofa. Interior designers Miriam Alía and Guille García also had fun with the sofa cushions.

Stylist and presenter Natalia Ferviú with her friends Miguel Carrizo and Brianda Fitz could also not be late. With their joy and energy, they decided to walk around the store and look for their favourite thing. What Brianda Fitz chose was love at first sight for her. Do you want to know her favourites? Nothing other than the Anixe cushion, the Anisia cushion and the Adell cushion. Here is the proof.

Sushi, canapés and tapas presented on our marble tables are what filled the store. I wonder if you want to know who dared to come to the table into the early hours… Our partner in crime Aldo Comas was to blame for everyone dancing and singing all night. His repertoire contained all the current hits. Artist and painter Lulu Figueroa and artisan designer Javier Sánchez also found their favourite corner with the Chleo armchair. Other guests like Gabriel García and Mike Madrid, also known as @cupofcouple, did not miss out on the opportunity to take a photo on the staircase of the store.


Who dares to get a Kave tattoo? For the most daring of guests, we prepared a table where you could get a tattoo of cool phrases such as “Light my fire” or “I’m a furniture victim”. Keep calm, they only last a few days! Lights, camera, action. Current influencers such as Susana Molina , Marta López Álamo , Alfonso Gómez Sempere, Ines Jimm and Jacob Henson could not miss out on livening up the party.


After many, many songs, the party came to an end. It was without doubt a night that nobody will forget. We will of course have another one, so see you soon.

9 Jul 2020, 10:30 p.m.