Overseeing the renovation of a house in the center of Barcelona to adapt it to the needs of a married couple and their four children, is a challenge that Studio NiiA took on with dexterity. Despite simplicity and functionality being the main objective of the renovation, style was not neglected. There is an emanating an enveloping elegance that entices you to enjoy each corner of the house. We spoke with Ignacio Infiesta, architect at the NiiA studio, to learn more about this project and his work.


For the renovation of the flat in Calle Balmes, Ignacio sought to simplify the spaces by acknowledging the three main sections inherent to the structure. Using this principle, NiiA studio eliminates everything that is gratuitous and superfluous. As a result, the sense of spaciousness is enhanced and leaves any rooms feeling ample.


The separation and continuity between rooms is achieved by opening up bearing walls to create small passageways, this forms a new kind of relationship between the spaces. The sliding doors and the furniture of Kave Home add a sense of fluidity to everything. Together, they effortlessly bring a kind of rhythm to the different environments.


The apartment is divided via a large central space that separates the family area from the private areas. So in the central space you have the shared areas such as the hall, the living-dining room, the family study, the office and the kitchen. In the south wing you have the main bedroom and in the opposing north wing, the guest room, as well as the children's rooms and their respective bathrooms.


The pursuit of a calm appearance, one capable of drowning out everyday objects, means carefully selecting a limited set of materials to work with. Oak and marble stand out as the two favorites. And as for color, the choice of white best achieves the desired soothing effect.


The natural oak floors, sliding windows and doors, the different shades of white found in the walls and furniture, the Carrara marble adorning the bathrooms and the fireplace all combine to create serene atmosphere. In the kitchen, the old pavement provides the link between the oak and white marble.


The renovation result is a dynamic family home with a classy finish, which shows us that elegance doesn't have to be at odds with modesty.

9 Jul 2020, 7:42 p.m.