Here at Kave Home, we want to congratulate you, congratulate ourselves and congratulate her. Because, as she would say, “Take a look at yourself. We’re all there.” We are caring, capricious, happy, stubborn, dreamers, crazy... but, above all else, we’re women. So, in the words of Alejandra Remón (@alejandraremon), we want to say:

If you didn’t know, you’re the result of all the women that form part of your life. They’re all there. Take a look at yourself.

I see a strong woman, who doesn’t give up easily, who’s a fighter, who doesn’t shut up, who knows what she wants and makes the effort, who makes decisions, shares, innovates, seduces and lets herself be seduced... in essence: a free woman.

Forget believing you’re the “weaker sex”. That’s just sex without desire. Forget believing you’re a trophy or an opponent. You’re not a broken toy that needs fixing. Take a look at yourself.

Don’t trick yourself into believing that no one can change because, if you change, everything changes; because, if you stop, the whole world stops. Believe in your possibilities, make decisions without asking for permission, go in without knocking, ignore what they say, believe in yourself, take a chance on your ideas and stand up for yourself. Change your rules, get stuck in, overcome challenges, laugh or cry, feel emotions. Set your desire free and start over from scratch.

Take a look at yourself. Do you see her now? You are lots of women and lots of dreams waiting to come true. You’re fascinating. Do you know what the best thing is? You can be even more fascinating.

Do you want a studio like this one? A space to be yourself. You can have it too with this selection.

9 Jul 2020, 10:05 p.m.