I dare to call upon you fellow companions, a mirror decorates spaces, it gives light to our home, it helps give an increased sensation of depth and the most important of all, it tips us off every time our hair is messy. Mirrors are our salvation. In this post we are going to reveal their best secrets to you.


Hung on the wall or on top of a piece of furniture

It is very important to take the location into account according to what effect we want to achieve. To gain depth and more openness, we advise you to place them next to windows or hang them on the wall. With the Clifden Set of 3 mirrors and their original structure they will give your living room an ideal rustic and modern touch to bring light in.


On top of furniture is trendy. If you are one of those people who has walls full of pictures and you want to focus attention on another space, choose to put it on top of a piece of furniture. The Lena mirror, thanks to its large bevelled glass frame, will look perfect in living rooms where an elegant look is sought after. Now you know what to put on top of that console!

If you can’t make holes in the wall and you already have furniture overloaded, you can also choose to put it on the floor. Give this trend a go, you will achieve a modern and natural effect.


Are you ready? Get the location right

For small spaces they will be your salvation. If your hallway is mini, place a large and stylish mirror there. It will be useful for freshening up every time you come in and leave the house, and on top of that the space will seem even bigger and lighter. We propose the Ommy mirror, its stylish iron frame has a decorative smoky grey-coloured mirror incorporated. It is pure design.


It is essential to have one in the bedroom, choose well and reflect design. The mirror in your bedroom is the most private until you upload a selfie with your favourite outfit on. Prepare yourself to match up to the Norico mirror. It has an iron frame with a mate finish that will fill your bedroom with design and your Instagram with style.


Pure Desire

It is always a good idea to decorate empty walls with a set of mirrors. If the objective is to decorate, choose an original and unique design. We present the Karol Set with 2 circular mirrors made with zinc. You can add other items like hanging plants or pictures.

Find the ideal mirror to match in our collection. Our unique and original designs won’t tell you who is the fairest of them all, but what they will do is fill any corner of your house with light and style.

9 Jul 2020, 10:23 p.m.