The place to rest: Your bedroom. A space that should be decorated with the utmost care and attention to detail so that you feel like you’re on holiday every time you enter. How to create the perfect bedroom? By simply finding good furniture and putting it in the right place. That's it!

Let’s begin with the centrepiece of this room: the bed. Everything revolves around it. Once you have it, you can turn your attention to the rest of the room: Colours, bedclothes and cushions. Here at Kave Home, we are very serious about our rest. And that is why our design team has created a range of mattresses suitable for all types of sleep. One good example is the Nia, a viscolatex and foam mattress with ergonomic 3D profiling. The perfect balance between firm and soft. It alleviates fatigue, even after the toughest sports.

A bed is like a soul in torment without a headboard, and we have selected two models that will bring warmth to your room and create super cosy vibe. Kron is an ideal headboard for rooms with a wild tropical feel, a perfect match for light colours and neutral tones. Made of wood and decorated with a coconut matting mosaic, it will accompany you in your sweetest of dreams. Like the Kron, the Wing headboard is completely handmade and unique. If you are looking for something exclusive, this is just the headboard for you! Embellished with a teak mosaic, it comes in different sizes.

Aren't you missing something? Of course, bedside tables! Continuing with our love of handmade furniture and creating truly special pieces, we have an item that is a perfect fit for the headboards described above. We are talking about Geraldine, with a mango wood frame and interlaced wickerwork.

With these top tips, nothing can go wrong when you are creating your dreaming paradise.

9 Jul 2020, 10:19 p.m.