Grab some instant inspiration with our design ideas for modern living rooms. As you create your dream living room, you’re sure to find an idea to borrow from each of these very different looks.

1.A touch of colour

An armchair in a different colour was really all it took to transform this entire space. Look how this living room combines its neutral base with a piece of furniture in green to bring a fresh look to the whole space. We love it!

2. Bring different materials together

Mix it up! A rattan rug to unify all the different elements of the living room, a nest of tables with marble effect tops and gold-coloured steel legs, and the star of the show: the Debra sofa in pink velvet with matching footrest stands out beautifully against the white walls. This might seem a daring colour palette but it effortlessly brings together greens, gold touches and traditional white in complete harmony.

3. Understated yet lively

If you’re after a more elegant atmosphere, look no further than soft greys as your base tone for the living room. The look is very effective here: teamed with black and white pictures of different sizes on the wall and several plants interspersed at eye level to bring the whole space to life.

4. Romantic pastel tones

Delicate and romantic colours dominate in this modern living room. The Blok sofa in powder pink beautifully emphasises the solid wood window frames and ceiling beams.

5. A social corner

Positioning one sofa in front of the other is ideal for bringing friends together for hours of cosy conversation. An easy way to make this corner sofa stand out is to choose a dark colour that contrasts with the white walls.

6. Practical furniture? Yes, please!

All of the furniture in this living room brings a fresh, youthful feel to the space, and it’s practical, too. The mustard yellow Neiela sofa is, in fact, a sofa-bed, so it’s ideal for optimising space in small living rooms. Decorative elements can be placed on the nest of tables to add a touch of design.

7. Simplicity above all else

This cream coloured living room offsets its straight lines with round coffee tables and a cosy maxi rug. A highly effective combination, it also enjoys natural light which enhances the neural coloured textiles and accessories. This living room makes us fall in love with simplicity.

8. Relaxing colours

The combination of colours in this contemporary living room makes it especially relaxing and soft on the eyes. The cushions in different shapes, patterns and tones add just the right amount of colour, while the lamp and metallic and black nest of tables achieve a modern, spacious look. Quite simply, a classy combination.

9. Blending different styles

The coffee table really comes into its own in this cosy space, where the key materials of wood and glass stand out against the dark colour of the sofa and the parquet flooring. A true Scandi-style living room with a modern touch.

10. Play with different heights and shapes

This mid-century style living room with modern furniture has its own brand of cool. The mustard yellow Debra sofa looks the part combined with the pictures hung at different levels and the different sized clocks give the space an air of creativity and originality. Dare to experiment!

11. Lashings of personality

Take a look at how easy it is to give a modern touch to any simple space. Painting one wall green creates an eye-catching feature as well as differentiating one area from the other. You can easily apply the same formula to any large space – the results are equally stunning.

12. Uniform style

From the sofa and rug to the lamp and coffee table, the shapes and colours in this living room all offer a sense of balance, while the proportions of each element combine to create a warm, cosy atmosphere.

13. Soak up the natural light

That is exactly the idea behind this living room designed by @quefalamaria. Full advantage has been taken of the natural light thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows that surround the room and enhance its natural tones.

14. All together in harmony

This modern country home is a clear example of four different spaces integrated into one. The modular pink sofa marks out the office, kitchen and dining spaces and perfectly matches the rug in similar tones. The mix of colours here is the winning formula, giving it a modern, stylish air.

15. Wall-to-wall units

Several Taiana units have been placed together to span the length of the wall in this living room, giving it a neat, built-in look that ties in with the room’s colour scheme. Practical, functional and keeps the space tidy.

19 Jan 2021, 12:17 a.m.