It doesn’t matter what size your terrace, balcony or garden is, or if you live in a rural or urban area. With these outdoor furniture sets you will love sunny days more than ever. And, if you are sceptical, we are going to surprise you.

Tips for small terraces or balconies

Ok. You are short on space. What is the problem? If you want it, you have it. Enjoy your Sunday breakfast in the open air, watching the city or with natural views. Outdoor concrete table chairs For small spaces in the city, the key tip is to choose a concrete made collection like Sari. It isn’t just a trendy material, ideal for exteriors; it’s resistant to water, to extreme temperatures and to UV rays.   outdoor folding furniture set   And if you have a teeny tiny balcony, choose folding furniture. Design fits everywhere. With the Alrick and Advance collections you can have different sets. They are all made with galvanized steel, more resistant than normal steel.  

Sets to enjoy your terrace to the fullest

The sofa and table or sofa and armchairs sets are a good way to save up money and time. You just have to look at your terrace and choose the perfect fit.   outdoor furniture set sofa   Do you have space for your and your loved ones? Or just space for you and your loved one? In both cases, the Viridis sets are made for you. They are made with acacia wood and water-repellent washable cushion covers.   outdoor sofa furniture set   Another amazing option is the Pascale collection, available in sets or its separate pieces so you can mix and match to get the perfect look. Also, these sofas are ideal to make the most of any corner, you can choose where to put its arm.  

Robyn, the exclusive set for your terrace

The Robyn collection is designed by Tapio Anttila exclusively for Kave Home. Different sets of sofa and armchairs that will upgrade your terrace to the top. You can have it in mustard-yellow or blue, what is your favourite?   outdoor furniture set robyn   And, if you have enough space, we have good news! You can also add the matching Robyn table and chairs to the game.   Outdoor wood textile protector cleaner   Enjoy your terrace for years and years, maintaining it with the Sterina textile and wood protectors, your furniture will thank you!
9 Jul 2020, 11:03 p.m.