Christmas comes with a lot of preparation. Choosing the perfect gifts, decorating the tree, picking the right outfits, but also, coordinate agendas to meet… The festive days are characterized by love and joy, but also by worrying about making everything perfect and the stress that comes with organizing it all. That is why we want to help you out a little bit! Did you already think about where you are going to receive your guests? The meals are essential at Christmas, but how you serve them is also important. Be the best host this holiday season! christmas-interior-decoration-table-style-design-4  

Sweet natural home

Family comes first and that is important to know. Sometimes, words cannot express the feelings you have for them. The smallest detail can show how much they mean to you. So, don´t hold back and use every corner of your table to present everything you want to share with them: a table filled with the most delicious cheeses, the citrus aroma peeping through a glass jar, the candles illuminating the bread baskets ... Christmas is the perfect moment to do more than just a simple family meal. Go all the way and let this event be the perfect moment for making unforgettable memories in a cozy and festive environment. Turn your house into everyone's home. christmas-interior-decoration-table-style-design-5  

Friends in the jungle

They say that friends are the family that you choose. So, what´s better than being the best version of yourself with them? With good company, you can just let yourself go. Be that original and carefree person that your friends fell in love with and that they can´t miss in their lives. Share unforgettable moments with them these holidays in a relaxed and festive atmosphere that gives everyone the comfort to let themselves go. A cool and wild environment will be perfect for you to all share your dreams and future plans and projects with each other. Transform your table into a stage full of nature, light and color that will inspire you for your next trips. christmas-interior-decoration-table-style-design-3  

Merry Christwork

The idea of celebrating Christmas afterwork with your closest colleagues is becoming more popular. Looking back on the achievements that have been made is also a good reason to celebrate Christmas from another point of view, as well as to provide for a job well done. Effort and dedication must also be rewarded. And, as you never know when a brainstorming can appear, what better than eating a delicious dinner while being surrounded by the latest trends. Prepare a company dinner in which innovative ideas and good conversation flow together around a table full of exoticism. Let it flow! christmas-interior-decoration-table-style-design  


And of course, celebrating Christmas with that special person. The one that knows your best but also your worst side and with who you share some of your most intense experiences. Some call it feelings, others, spark, connection ... The point is that it is with whom your own light shines the most. Share a special moment together during the holidays. With your style, nothing can fail. The evening begins with a table covered in a lot of glamor. Enjoy a lovely dinner together in the most festive atmosphere. Give way to gold and make your home the palace of a great star. As the wise Swedish proverb says, surround yourself with everyone who occupies an important part of your life because "a shared joy is transformed into double joy and a shared sorrow, in half grief". This Christmas, even more, enjoy it with your family around a good table.   Original text: Judit Navarro Translation and interpretation: Kiki van Lohuizen
9 Jul 2020, 7:58 p.m.