The combination of the typical colour of flowers and the texture of moss has been the inspiration behind the creation of these pieces. Let yourself be seduced by the details hidden inside these designer pieces of furniture.

The Debra sofa

Velvet and pink. A weakness for anyone. The Debra sofa is a piece that comprises all of today’s current trends thanks to its design, its texture and its colour. Let’s start with the upholstery. You can see how its stands out thanks to its pink colour, boasting deep-buttoned padding and visible seams. We know that velvet is a material that requires care and for that reason the sofa cover is removable to make it easier to always keep it clean and beautiful. If we look at the material of the legs, we can see that it is made of beech wood with a wenge finish. Undoubtedly, a designer piece that will add elegance to your living room, dining room or bedroom.


Dress up your living room with elegance

For a perfect combination, complete the look of your living room with the matching pouf. A piece designed for two uses: as a footrest and as an auxiliary seat. Made from a very durable material that maintains its original shape as if it were the first day. Its beech wood structure stands out. Definitive proof that design expresses who you are.


The Blok sofa

Corduroy and soft colours. The new version of the Blok sofa will be either love at first sight or not at all. The Blok sofa in dusty pink is a piece that will not go unnoticed thanks to its great personality and character. A magazine cover living room is possible. Complement the look with the Blok pouf and cushion, without doubt a perfect combination.


This autumn corduroy is the star

Corduroy is back with a bang. We have brought back the favourite fabric of the 70s to create this designer piece. Many years ago, corduroy was the trendy fabric par excellence and as we know, everything comes back around. We can confirm it: Corduroy is fashionable again and will be the star this autumn. This design adds the wide French seam that defines the contour of the sofa and has a pine structure and two layers of foam. Create your personalized Blok: you decide the colour, the number of seats and where to put the chaise long; on the left or on the right.

The days are getting shorter and the trees are saying goodbye to their leaves. The cold long days are returning, along with those sofa and blanket afternoons. You are still in time, surround yourself with the best furniture and create cosy and trendy spaces. Don’t get up from your sofa for anybody!

26 May 2020, 9:16 p.m.