A dining room, an office, a lounge or even a kitchen: Reeve spaces are designed to make you feel at home. Discover the Reeve universe and its new spaces alongside Kave Home colours.

The goal: To offer customers a private space under the “make yourself at home” concept. Who hasn’t ever dreamt of enjoying home comforts while working or being able to celebrate their thirtieth birthday in the heart of Paris in a unique and one-of-a-kind place? Reeve makes your dreams come true!

Who are you? Tell us about yourselves

Reeve primarily came about out of the meeting of two passionate people: Yordan & Matthieu. Two projects that are theoretically on different paths (expert accounting on the one hand and video production on the other) that were brought together by the same passion: the drive to peruse something and offer a new event concept.

How does Reeve’s story go? Where does its name come from?

The Reeve agency (because it “reinvents events”) came about in 2017 and designs intimate spaces focussed on the act of sharing so that customers can have a different experience in a friendly and open setting.

The agency creates spaces based on three fundamental pillars:

- Their architecture.

- The selection of suppliers with trustworthy values that work with top-quality products.

- Excellence in terms of service and closeness as people.

That’s how the “Reeve Family” came into being, a continuous drive to work with the best collaborators and to offer our customers the best quality in our service.

So, for you Kave Home was the clear choice (concept: “make yourself at home”) for furnishing your new space. Who do you collaborate with to create your spaces?

The people behind the architecture of the Reeve spaces are Hugo and Loik (Biscotte. Studio), two young designers and set designers from Brittany who are crazy enough and talented enough to turn our spaces into really comfortable nests. Kave Home seemed like the perfect choice for furnishing their designs and creating spaces where people could really make themselves at home.

The Reeve apartment

This large maisonette, located on the first and second floors of an old textile mill in the Sentier neighbourhood, measures 170 m2 and is full of natural light, which really makes its bohemian spirit and plant life stand out.

Each room has been designed with calm and relaxation as the guiding principle: a dining room that highlights natural wood and hanging plants, an intimate and cosy lounge and a bohemian workspace that will boost your creativity.

You’ll fall in love with the charm of this apartment, the perfect space for organising events.

Which is your favourite Kave Home room and why?

To make yourself at home, the best room is definitely the lounge in the Reeve apartment. That room perfectly recreates the feel of an intimate interior space thanks to the gorgeous Debra sofa placed in the centre.

Any other future projects?

A lot of professional and personal projects, and not just in Paris. ;-)

Are you based in Paris (or not) and want to organise an event in the city? You’ll find more info here.

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9 Jul 2020, 10:16 p.m.