Maybe it’s hard to see that your space is more than enough. You just have to make some little changes, it’s easier than you think. An open mind is the first ingredient you need to start decorating your living room. We are here to help, ready?

Little space, great creativity

It’s like that. Decorating a living room when you are short on space is a big challenge, with endless possibilities! Also, it being a small room, allows you to change its style as much as you can its easier and faster. A small living room? No, you’ve got as many as you want.  

With mirrors you can never go wrong

Mirrors have endless qualities and, decorating small spaces, they become a must. To begin with, they make every room feel bigger and brighter. A standing mirror will be key to check yourself out before going out, flawless. It works wonders, complimenting your reflection is the best way to start the day. Oh, and a coffee, of course.

Small details, big changes in your small living room

Have you chosen the right lighting? In small living rooms is essential. Lamp shades are the secret to allow light into every corner of the space. And keep in mind that picking the right light bulbs is very important. Hands down, LED are our go-to. They last longer, save power, save money and are environmentally friendly. Please, remember to recycle them, the planet will thank you.  

In every small living room, greenery everywhere

Plats look amazing wherever you choose to place them, in your living room they will boost colour and make it feel welcoming. And, if you haven’t got time to care for them, pick artificial plants, they will add the same effect with less effort. If space is a big problem for you we suggest you take a look at hanging plants, problem solved!  

The name of the game: the dining table

No doubts. The dining table is where everything takes place in your living room so, it’s essential to make the right decision and, more importantly, if you’ve got a small living room. The first thing you must know is the shape you want it to be. Square or rectangular ones are perfect if you want them to be by a wall and win some space, have you thought about an extendable table? And for last minute guests, having folding tables will always assure your success.

The most important part of your small living room: Netfix’s

You, your sofa, some series and a good beer or a glass of wine. The realest scene of Hollywood that you can think of. If you also want your living room to look like the ones in the movies, be smart. The best way to choose your furniture for small living rooms is to find ones that have multiple purposes. A sofa bed is ideal for friends that want to stay over. And, if you are thinking of adding a side table or coffee table, remember that glass ones will make it look like they aren’t even there. Now you know that, sometimes, it just takes a change of perspective to find that what you were looking for is just in front of your eyes. Move your furniture around to prove it!
9 Jul 2020, 11 p.m.