Smiling is easy if you know how, even if it's Blue Monday. At Kave Home, we have many reasons to want every Monday, and every day of the week, to be blue. Why live a life of pink, if you can dress it in blue velvet? Keep Reading & Be Blue.

From Monday to Sunday, welcome!

Let’s make it clear. More than a welcome with open arms, when we get home the first thing we want is to get comfortable. Whether in the hallway or at the foot of your bed, what better welcome than a place to sit and shout “goodbye heels!” ? The Dyla stool achieves the impossible; taking your shoes off with style.

The design, if it had a sound, is Blues

We know this thanks to one of Kave Home’s favourite collections, the Debra collection. With a renovated Mid-Century style and upholstered in velvet, Debra sofas and poufs are designed to be the centrepieces of your living room. Pour yourself a glass of wine, put some music on and caress its padding. Live in a blues way.  

Take a blue seat

The best way to convince yourself that Blue Monday may be the best day of the year is around a good table... and with good chairs. Try it out. Invite your friends to dinner with sushi and a long after-dinner conversation. Hours will seem like minutes, thanks to a chat that flows by itself and the Runnie chair, where you are comfortable for a long time. Seat down, feel up!

I’m feeling blue

And so at ease. This is what it’s like on the Gamer chair. The ideal place for your “off mode” moments. Those in which you only want to be connected with yourself. Switch off your mobile phone and enjoy this designer piece created for those who, like you, also believe that their introspection corner can also set a trend. Do you need more reasons to celebrate Blue Monday? Well, check this out.
9 Jul 2020, 10:33 p.m.