Once again we are working with Elisava (Barcelona School of Design and Engineering) to develop new ideas to research and implement measures that assist the preservation of the environment. We have focused on several actions such as, the use of sustainable materials throughout the value chain of a product.


We have been working with the university and part of their research team for a few months now to analyse how we can reduce the environmental footprint of our packaging and transport. We are looking to eliminate the use of non-recyclable materials and searching for sustainable alternatives.

As a result of this study, we set up a new action plan to start implementing these changes in all our production and fabrication centres. This plan has 4 parts:

1.Eliminating single use plastic both in the composition of products and in their packaging before 2025.

2.We’ve started replacing the bags that we use in our warehouse for small decoration items with recycled and recyclable plastic bags.

3.To prioritize and to keep using PET plastic made from recycled plastic bottles taken from the ocean to handcraft our products.

4.Replacing the plastic used for our packaging for alternative materials that are less harmful to the environment.

These types of collaborations are an addition to our Kave Cares project, where we bring all our actions, projects and collaborations together. We are fully committed to the environment and society and work hard to be conscious and responsible towards our planet and humanity.

We choose designs that are focused on values such as innovation, sustainability and humanity. We make sure to always choose partners and suppliers that share our philosophy.

7 Sep 2020, 8 p.m.