You know there's more life in your living room beyond the dining area. Side tables and coffee tables are essential for those moments for reading on the couch or for a Netflix marathon. Despite just being side tables, they can be designer pieces in their own right for your indoor spaces. Shall we prove it to you?

FOTO 1kovacs

One thing is clear. Side tables must be useful, comfortable and also take up as little space as possible. This exists and it's called Kovacs. The top of this coffee table is made of glass, so even in small indoor spaces it gives them a feeling of being spacious and bright. The legs are shaped in a modern style, intertwining with each other making to make the shape of a star. There’s no doubt this designer piece will leave everyone astounded.

Strahan trolley

You may prefer a side table that you can put everywhere, like the Strahan trolley. It’s always where you need it to be, since you can directly move it anywhere easily thanks to its 100% swivel wheels. And it's more than a table. It has two compartments to put in your essentials, plus a built-in magazine holder so you can read about the latest trends. And if you have guests, it’s the ideal partner for bringing out the cocktails.

Table Mathis

If you need a table with character to make the most of your terrace or balcony, you’ve just found it. The Mathis collection is simply irresistible and for many reasons. For starters, they are tables that you can use both indoors and outdoors. The table top of both tables is made of cement, a material whose personality jumps out. And its finish is in black, a colour that always works in a trendy environment. A piece like this can only fit with your style, make the most of it!

At Kave Home we know that the most important thing is in the detail. So check out our wide variety of coffee tables and side tables. What's yours?

9 Jul 2020, 10:22 p.m.