Two years ago, we visited this old textile factory that had been converted into a scrap yard. At first, it wasn’t particularly attractive. Huge pools of water on the floor and a lot of leaks. A floor covered in moss. But it had potential. 300 m2 for redesigning.

We wanted a space that was full of life, open and with a 4.8 m high ceiling. It didn’t have any outdoor space so we designed two: an entrance measuring 100 m2 and a terrace measuring 25 m2 inside the studio flat.


After 10 months of intense work, here we are: in our studio home, our happy place.

White, wood and black


We kept the metal beams and columns and painted them in matte black. For the floor, we used aged wooden floorboards, which give it a workshop feel which goes well with the place.


White walls, all of them. Paintings, fashion photos, books on the floor. For the lounge, a large marble table made out of a piece that we found by chance at some friends’ house. Souvenirs from our travels, a whole load of candles. Vases, since I love flowers and it’s time to decorate the house a bit! Plants, a bicycle on the first floor, a black granite worktop with a leather finish, large chaises longues and comfy armchairs. The pleasure of cooking, reading, listening to and playing music. A lot of music!


Light everywhere and no other houses blocking our view. This is my studio home, my happy place.

Original Text: Olympe

Traduction: Judit Navarro

9 Jul 2020, 10:08 p.m.