We want to be a part of your home, but in a sustainable way. That is why at Kave Home we want to care about making our furniture environmentally and socially friendly.


Furniture for society and the forest

The collections created by our in house designer team are consciously made. We create unique and exclusive designs with different types of solid wood such as oak, walnut, acacia or teak wood. They are all treated to get the most out of them. They all come from certified, sustainable forests and all the production processes are regulated to assure responsible felling.


Green light to LED light

At Kave Home we want you to have all you need including light bulbs for our lamps. We also care about your power consumption and helping you save on your electric bill. This is all possible with the Bulb collection and LED lamps. Why? They last longer and consume less energy, but we are mostly committed to doing things right for the environment. Please, keep in mind to always recycle the light bulbs. One things is clear, if we want to keep enjoying natural light we have to use our lamps smartly.


If a magic carpet exists, it is made out of PET

In our Rodhe collection you will find your perfect PET carpet. These rugs are made from recycled plastic bottles, most of them have been collected from the sea and the oceans. We aim to having clean seas, keep on recycling plastic and create great collections. It is absolutely magical! PET rugs are made for both your interiors and exteriors as they maintain their temperature, staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Recycled glass for a greater future

We are creating an exclusive kitchen collection to fall in love with. It is made with recycled glass, handcrafted in Europe and designed with an eye for detail. Besides, it is also the perfect chance to add style and colour to your home. Stop spoilers! We want you to look forward to it as much as we are looking forward to launching it. Foodies, stay tuned!

10 Jul 2020, 12:30 a.m.