Now that you've seen the living and dining rooms, you must be wondering what Marc Forné’s bedroom is like! We sneaked in and now we're going to share the most intimate part of the home of one of the top fashion influencers.


The bedroom, with loads of natural light, has 3 clearly separated spaces: the chill-out or reading area, the dressing room and the bed.


3 IN 1

The chill area features one of Kave Home’s most versatile pieces: the Arty pouf bed. Used to last-minute visitors, this pouf bed is the perfect way to make the most of the space. It turns into a single bed in just seconds (and with next-to-no effort). He’s also set aside a small part of the room for his ready-to-wear dressing room, which is essential if you want to have the day's outfit close to hand.


In terms of style, the eclectic look from the rest of the home continues here. This time, a combination of modernist, sombre, masculine lines in the furniture from the Kesia collection plays against the natural feel of the plants, cacti and fabrics, made of natural fibres.



A fascinating combination that bears the cutting-edge personal seal of this instagrammer, who isn't afraid of experimenting, whether in the world of fashion or décor. Another example? Overlapping rugs with totally different styles or the contrasting wood tones in the Kesia collection and the flooring.

9 Jul 2020, 8 p.m.