Yes, we go above and beyond. Light is important, and for more than just illuminating. It’s the key to defining our lifestyle. You choose. Do you prefer intimate light or lights that make it seem like the day never ends? Keep reading. We’ve got what you’re looking for.

Light was made with geometry. It’s also perfect for creating a good ambiance. With a crystal ball, the Manz lamps light up the entire room peacefully with diffused light thanks to its frosted glass. Do you want a space in which time stops? You’re in luck. We’ve got the perfect light for it and it’s called Manz.

The best thing about a place you know well is that it maintains its mystery. A light that betrays your surroundings. Special lighting is key. This is the case for the Ginebra wall lamps. With their unique design, these design pieces envelop the light and direct it upwards. You’ll have the perfect lighting to come home and be able to relax instantly. Welcome home! Fancy a drink?

The Maple lamp thinks of everything. Each part of the design piece is essential, including the bulb. Since it’s completely exposed, it’s a part of the design itself. So, have a good think about what will give light to this lamp which follows the trend of exposed structures. We’ll make it easy for you: the 6W E27 bulb. That’s it. Save the best spot in your house for it. Give it the limelight it deserves.

We know that you shine your own light. Make your house do the same thanks to a design that says a lot about you, even with lighting. Most importantly, remember to consume electric energy responsibly and recycle bulbs. Shine, design and think green.

9 Jul 2020, 10:21 p.m.