We love launching new fabrics. And even more if they are for one of our own designs. The Blok collection adds a new dimension to Óscar Doll’s design, member of the Kave Home team. They are a selection of perfect colours to upgrade your living room. Get ready and keep reading to discover more.

Relax, we will take you to cloud nine...

What’s best in life that chilling without any worries? We want to make you feel like that, even if you spill tea, coffee or your glass of wine in these sofas. No worries! They are made with an easy clean fabric that will look flawless just wiping it with a little water and then drying it. That’s all, folks! You’ll have it always looking brand new, or what’s even better, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Soft but rough

This new fabric is made to make everyone feel cozy and relaxed, it’s resistant to scratches and it will always feel smooth. What else could we ask for? Oh, its colour will always look impeccable, no matter what.

Bring colour to your life

That’s the key to happiness. We’ve also added new colour ranges to the Blok sofa; dark grey, beige and pink. They are ideal for the new texture of its design. These neutral tones are thought to match every space, style and trend.

Sofing will never be the same

Let’s admit it. Our sofas are the place where everything is better: Netflix and chill, reading about the latest trends, chatting for hours, having your morning coffees... So, for every moment, the Blok sofa will be your best ally. Combine it with as many cushions as you like or get the matching pouf to relax your legs after a long day... It will also add extra space for your guests!   What the new Blok sofa still maintains is the ability to fit perfectly, it comes with a 2 or 3-seater option, with or without chaise longue, on its right or on its left side. Whatever you choose it will be the best flat mate, we promise!
9 Jul 2020, 10:37 p.m.