If anyone can tell us what to do to create a beautiful ambiance, it must be Maxime Rokus. Maxime is a great Graphic Designer who loves photography, which means that she has to collaborate with natural light a lot. In this article, she explains us how you can apply this trick on your interior. As a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, I have a special relationship with light. The right use of light in my work is something I spend a lot of time and effort on. When I succeed in using the natural light perfectly, it often feels like an ungrateful task. The use of light is something that plays an important role for the entire atmosphere of your illustration, while no one will directly notice it.


Atmosphere creator

During the dark winter months, I always start to look at the lighting in my house with a more critical view. You don´t have to be a Graphic Designer to understand that light is the creator of atmosphere. Because our home has a clean and modern interior, I find it important to create a warm atmosphere with my lighting. The lamps of Kave Home are perfect for our little home. Take the Bert floor lamp for example. The black steel fits perfectly into our clean interior while the warm light of the big Llum light bulb makes the room warm and cozy. Interior-light-decoration-winter-blue-monday-2


Next to the floor lamp, I noticed that my ceiling lamps also needed to be replaced. Before, I had these modern spotlights but they were a little too bright. This lead to the fact that I never actually used them and always used small candles and little lamps instead. Now, I have replaced all the small lamps by two big hanging lamps of Kave Home, the Allie ones. These handmade wooden ceiling lamps are now the protagonists and are hanging in the centre of the room, so that the warm light of the Llum light bulbs can reach every corner of the room. The combination of the warm light, the wood and the clean, black cord matches perfectly with how I want my interior to be: modern but cozy. An additional benefit is that, because of these lamps, I can move most of my small candles to my bedroom. Interior-light-decoration-winter-blue-monday-3

Central role

Next to snow, ice skating, Christmas and dinners with friends, I think mostly about light when I think about winter. The feeling you get when you walk in the streets at night and look at all the illuminated houses. The decorative lights in the shopping streets and the candles under the pan of cheese fondue. Thanks to Kave Home, my own home is winter ready, and spring, summer and autumn ready by the way, because these lamps will play a central role in my interior from now on. Original text: Maxime Rokus Translation and interpretation: Kiki van Lohuizen
9 Jul 2020, 7:59 p.m.