Conrad Roset (@conradroset) and Maria Diamantes (@mariadiamantes) are a young pair of artists. He is currently one of the most renowned illustrators, his works have been displayed in museums and galleries worldwide. She is a graphic designer and illustrator based in the city of Barcelona. The couple decided to leave behind the studio where they spent their hours to move and turn their flat into their new refuge. Design and trend are the combination they have chosen. The star of their new home is a large window through which inspiration enters alone. Open and bright spaces are very important to the couple as it is in the context where they work and spend their hours. An extendible and robust table was just what they needed in this creative space. The Isbel oak wood table is an ideal piece where they can work, hold meetings and eat. All of this in just one space. The Palmia sideboard and shelving are two pieces with straight and thin lines that follow the trend of open structures. A combination that adds the industrial touch they were looking for. Some of the accessories that they have chosen to decorate these corners are the Amenna vase. A designer piece made with dolomite and painted in white with a black stroke drawing the eyelashes of a closed eye. The original Andy vase painted in pink is a piece that they also couldn’t miss out on. One of their favourite pieces of furniture: the Compo sofa. A very versatile piece with different combinations including a small tray, a large tray and an arm that can be moved to really make the most of this piece. The two Gamer armchairs were love at first sight, a design that is also inspired by the trend of seeing the entire structure with the naked eye, a combination that, together with the sofa, adds elegance and style to the living room. Versatile lamps like the Olimpia and Iguazu always make the atmosphere and light ideal. There is no doubt that light will never be missing from their home. The final details are marked by the Nahali cushions, with an abstract print that seems tailor-made for the couple. If you liked the décor and furniture that these young artists have chosen, here is the selection to inspire you and make your living room a design studio.
9 Jul 2020, 10:29 p.m.