As a furniture victim, you will already know that vases have stopped being the recipient of weekend bouquets and have become true works of art. Pieces that fill corners with personality and joy. Our designs have become fashionable and they now also follow the trend of geometric shapes and unique designs. Do you want to see them? Keep reading and join the trend of the moment.

Be creative

The Ademia vase has an original oval shape finished with a narrow neck. A piece that combines glass and wood, two essential materials. The vase is supported on a square wooden base. You can now set the trend with this vase. Get yours and surround yourself with mystery and mysticism with the small Ademia vase.


Three is the number

The design of the vases in the Dibe collection will surprise you. A design that you can enjoy in two positions; choose the one you like the most and if you fancy a change, turn it around! You can choose either the turquoise and brown or yellow and turquoise vase, three colours in full trend that will fill your living room with life and joy. A piece that you can choose to put flowers in or display alone, but we personally recommend switching between both.


Continuing with glass…

There are many interior designers that have decided to jump on the trend of vases made from glass. The simplicity and versatility of these pieces is the main reason. Vases are used to decorate with flowers; be creative and original with yours. If they are glass, you can fill them with stones, petals or candles.


Three colours

Green, pink and blue. The Astera vase is divided into three levels and each one is a different colour. A piece that plays with curves and geometric figures. You can combine it with the small vase from the same collection and create a space full of personality and character.

Pink is pink

For lovers of pink, the Cristelle vase is your weakness. Not only because of its colour, as this piece considers all details. It is a vase with two levels, one is wider with a dichroic finish and the other is narrower with a frosted finish. The dichroic effect creates a play on light and an amazing colour that makes this vase more than just a container. Speechless. The vase also has two textures, one smooth and one rough. Pair this vase with a simple bouquet to make any corner of a room cosy.

If you are lacking ideas on how to combine these vases, take a look at our selection of accessories including candles, centrepieces and bowls. Dare to mix colours, sizes and materials. Create your own arrangement and fill your living room or bedroom with personality; it’s that easy.

9 Jul 2020, 10:28 p.m.